Olá! 👋

I'm Manoel, a designer and art director, born and raised in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. 🌞
I like to work discovering new realities through creative research, mixing and remixing with my own taste to create something authentic and new. I believe that collage is something between the internal and the external. It is the solution for a truly wholehearted and transformative work, the nostalgia that brings me resonates with what I believe: the act of connecting things that are usually disconnected and bringing them together to create a new meaning.
I find joy while working in research for my artwork, in the creative process, and in connecting the unconnected, always with a little pinch of Dadaism. 👃👄
Creative and Team Lead, 59mil, Junior Enterprise                                                                       2020 → 2021
On Campus Job, Art Director, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte      2020 → 2021
Designer and Art Director, Menu Studio                                                                                             2021 →  NOW
Designer Freelancer                                                                                                              2021 →  NOW
Advertising & Marketing Degree, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte  2020 → 2024
D&AD New Blood Academy                                                                                                                            2022 → 2022
Art Direction, Brand Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Collage, Editorial Design, Illustration, and Advertising.

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